What is originality

Originality – is the quality of character, behavior or appearance, inherent in some people from the general population of the planet, in most caseswith the skills that distinguish them from all others.


  • Originality – it’s originality and identity.
  • Originality – the ability to surprise and sometimes shock.
  • Originality – is a constellation of qualities that distinguish from the crowd.
  • Originality – the ability to be “not like everyone else.”
  • Originality – is the interaction of intuition and mind natural talents and acquired skills, conscious and unconscious.
  • Originality of human is manifested in everything – in thinking, a peculiar vision of the world, actions, but mostly, of course, in creativity.

Originality benefits

  • With exceptional data, we are able to stand out from the gray mass.
  • Originality and informal thinking attracted to human and his activities greater attention.
  • Extraordinary deeds and thoughts often give a boost not only to the personal, but also to social progress.
  • Originality in the arts creates new styles and genres, thereby giving him the opportunity to go to new levels of development.
  • Extraordinary personality is always interesting storyteller, conversationalist, and therefore a lesser extent risks to remain itself without interest and attention.

What today seems to many nonstandard – becomes commonplace