Tips As The Roadside Assistance Service San Jose: Using Road Flares

This worst time to experience an accident or a car breakdown is at night when visibility is low and the pressure lights on your vehicle are simply negative enough. Although many Roadside assistance service San Jose driving kits carry road flares, few drivers actually know how to use them well. We urge you to take a few minutes to learn how to run road flares, for they’ll keep you safe the following time your car breaks down in the midst of the night.

Leaving A Road Flare In 7 Steps

  1. Pick a Location: Always choose a location for your flare before you really light it. Avoid placing your flash near vegetation or grass. A level, covered surface works best. It is suggested that you place multiple flares about 50-100 feet in face of and in back of your vehicle. This will make it simpler for the tow truck driver to spot you. Extra tip:  Use red-color flares—they stand out great and are usually used in accidents.
  2. Raise the cap or lid: Gently twist off or pull the cap, exposing the fire surface. You’ll need the cap to light the flash, so make certain to save it.
  3. Take the flare away from your face and make: With your body turned into the wind, grasp the middle of the flare and skirt touching the ignition cover at the end.
  4. Stop the flare as you would a match: Reach the end of the flare against the granular surface of the cap. Use the very brisk motion as you would when dropping a matchstick.
  5. Carry that lighted flare facing downwards: In order to avoid hurting your hand with dripping excess, always carry the lighted flare looked downwards—away from your hair and clothes.
  6. Set the cap on the other end of the flash (the end that is not cooking).
  7. Lightly place the flare on the ground: Perform sure not to cut the flare, for this may cause it to roll or cut.

Our hope that these directions will help you the next time you need to use road flashes. Be certain to review our blog regularly for more helpful roadside points.

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